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Pelham Car Title Loans: Ways To Stay Frugal While Having Emergency Cash Needs

Jun 21, 2013

While saving money is one of our priorities, it is very hard to do it especially when most often we are faced with emergency finances. Whether we like it or not, we are forced to deal with such emergency. No matter how great we are as savers, sudden finances which we are not prepared for are really out of our control. This is why most of the time, we end up losing all of our savings just to finance our emergency needs.

But it does not have to be this way all the time. Instant Loans Canada recognizes the importance of saving money while not neglecting the fact that emergencies do come up. You can apply for a Pelham car title loan the moment you need cash all of a sudden without disturbing your savings. Your savings must be kept intact all the time and this is one of the things Instant Loans Canada can do for you.

Tips On Saving Money

Since Pelham car title loans will now be handling your emergency cash needs, all you need to focus is how you can increase your savings. Below are some of the best tips on saving money.

10% Rule. When it comes to sparing cash, you must bear in mind the 10% rule. This is the most traditional manner of saving money. Every time you receive your paycheck, set aside 10% of it for your savings account and commit to never touch that money ever again. As long as you constantly do this, rest assured you’ll have the happiest retirement.

Savings First. Most often we prioritize buying goods and commodities that we want or need. While this is one way of rewarding ourselves for a job well done, this always leads us to no savings. What great savers suggest is to put your savings first on your priority list. What is left after you set aside for savings can now be used for shopping, paying bills and other finances.

1:1 Strategy. What is meant by this strategy is that how much money you take out should be the same amount of money you put in. For instance, you bought a shirt worth $20. You have the responsibility to put back $20 to your savings account.

What I realized after starting this strategy is that I only buy the most important things and let go of the ones I don’t need. This is because the strategy scared me of the possibility of having nothing to pay back my savings account. As a result, my savings got fatter!

Saving money must always be our priority. It must not be put last on our list even when emergency cash needs come up. Let Pelham car title loans handle the sudden money hunches while you are busy maintaining your savings account to its tip-top condition.