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Clarington Auto Collateral Loans: Penny-wise Tips On Staying Cool These Summer

Aug 29, 2013

The only thing that is more annoying than the extreme degrees of summer heat is the skyrocketing of your energy bill. It would shock you to see what your bill would say this month especially if you are not conscious on your electric usage. Just because it is summer and it is time that you and your kids relax does not mean you have to stop being vigilant on your electricity use.

You cannot afford to have increasing finances way beyond your personal budget especially if you have not maintained a savings account. But just in case you do, always remember that you can always apply for Clarington auto collateral loans. They are the easiest and fastest loans to apply and get approved on. Hence, you’ll be able to pay your electric bills without any penalty charges at all.

However, there are ways you can do now to stay cool this summer and not rely so much on your air conditioning units. Below are the frugal tips that will help you stay away from expensive energy bills:

Eat Spicy Foods. Spicy foods increase your perspiration without increasing your body temperature. It is your body’s natural cooling system. The moment your sweat dries up, you will feel cool. That means only one thing: you don’t always have to turn on your air-conditioning unit to keep you cool. You can just eat your favorite spicy food.

Drink hot mint tea. Hot teas are not only relaxing they have this capability of keeping you cool. Choose the mint teas instead of the regular ones. Mint teas tend to produce a cool soothing effect which brings you away from the extreme heat of summer.

 Cool down your pulse points. Studies have shown that one of the ways to keep you cool all day long is to make sure you keep your pulse points cold. You can do this by placing wet cool cloth on your wrist, neck, temples and other pulse points for five straight minutes. Do this every time your body screams of too much heat!

Take a warm shower. Though this may sound ironic, it can really help you feel cooler. The moment you step out of the shower you will feel a sense of cool comfort. Also don’t blow-dry your hair right after taking a shower. Keep it wet and let it dry naturally through evaporation. This will help you stay cool momentarily.

Take note of these tips whenever you feel warm. However, if your energy bill goes out of your control and you have nowhere else to run to, try out Clarington auto collateral loans. You’ll surely find them helpful during such times.