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Chatham-Kent Auto Pawn Loans Tips – Save More In 2014

Jan 25, 2014

Now that we are in the New Year, what are trending in the social media are the New Year’s resolutions. And there is a common theme about all of them, that is: to be able to save more money in 2014. Such being the case, I have decided to research for you the best and easiest ways you can do to save more in 2014. The list below is the result of my research.

  • Cut Some of Your Utilities. If you want to save more this year, then you must sacrifice some of your utilities. For instance, you can cut your cable subscription for one year. It won’t be a big deal as TV shows have recap on the internet which you can easily have access to. By cutting your cable subscription, you will be able to save more money and add funds to your savings. Another option is to cut your telephone bill. Today, smartphones are the new telephones. Many prefer smartphone contacts rather than telephone contacts because more often than not, people are away from home and can only be reached through his or her smartphone. You cannot bring your telephone anywhere, so why settle with it?
  • Eat at home. Don’t spend money at restaurants if you have time to cook your own meal. You will able to save more if you start doing your own meal rather than ordering from a restaurant or fast food. No matter how cheap the meal you buy at a fast food chain, it can never be cheaper than a home cooked meal. You can save about $5000 in one year if you starting eating at home. The computation is based on a $10-$15 daily allowance for 3 meals.
  • Conserve energy. This was taught to us since we were in grade school. If you conserve your energy consumption at home, you can expect a cheaper electricity bill. There are so many ways that you can do in order to lessen your energy usage. You can start by turning off your air conditioning unit if the heat is bearable. Do laundry less often by washing clothes in bulk. Iron your clothes all at once rather than one outfit at a time. Unplug your chargers from the outlet once your gadget is fully charged. These simple actions can bring a tremendous change in your electricity bills.
  • Prioritize your savings account. Develop a habit of depositing cash funds to your deposit account every time you receive your paycheck. Once you have the habit of placing cash to your savings first, you will have a fatter savings account easily.