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Napanee Auto Collateral Loans: The Benefits of A Savings Account

Nov 29, 2013

Having a savings account is very important as it cushions us in cases of emergency cash needs or finances. But while opening a savings account is easy, maintaining it is a challenge. It takes so much discipline and planning before one can get the habit of having savings each month. To help you build up a healthy savings account, it is important that you know what the benefits of savings account are so that you will be motivated to start building one.

1. You will earn interest. The best advantage you can gain from a savings account is the ability to earn interest over the money you have deposited to the bank. Your savings in a bank will earn interest because while your money is with the bank, the latter can use it to loan cash to other bank members or invest the same in stocks. For this consequential benefit, the bank pays you in the form of interest. The interest will be very minimal, about 1%-3% yearly, but it is still better than just having your cash sit at home.

2. You can save money for major investments. If you have cash with you anytime you want it, more likely than not you’ll consume it soon. But when you place your cash to a savings account, you will be able to save enough for some major financial goals car or a home. The added benefit of a savings account is that you will be motivated to keep saving each time you see your money grow.

3. You will have funds in case of emergency. When you have a savings account, you won’t be challenged on where to get cash in case you have emergency finances. You can just instantly run after your savings account. For people who don’t have savings account, they need to devise tactics to have instant cash for their urgent needs. Among these tactics are: 1) borrowing money from a friend, 2) applying for bank loans and credit unions and the like. While these strategies are helpful, they offer no benefit during urgent needs as they won’t give you instant cash relief. Bank loans and credit unions take days before they are approved. Personal loans from friends are not always reliable since your friends also have money problems of their own. Owing to these, having a savings account becomes more essential.

Sometimes though, even if you have a savings account, the amount of cash you saved won’t be enough. That would mean you will need other financial aids. It is during such time that Napanee auto collateral loans come in. By using your car as security for Napanee auto collateral loans, you will have additional funds, aside from your savings, which you can use to finance your needs.