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Erin Car Title Loans: Top 5 Most Successful Ways To Fix Your Broken Finances

Jul 07, 2013

If you are noticing your salary suddenly disappear right after you receive your monthly paycheck, there is something wrong with your finances. Chances are unless you take measures on trying to find the cause of this and remedying the problem, you’ll be on your way to a financial meltdown. In this article, you will be introduced to the top 5 most successful strategies in budgeting and saving money which are key to mending your broken finances.

One. Learn to track down where every penny of your paycheck goes. List and take down notes on all your finances whether they be house rents, monthly groceries or extra public bus ride. You even have to take note of that $5 dollar sandwich you had just before you arrived at the office.

Two. Make a budget and stick with it. Budgeting is key to a healthy personal finance. Your budget must match your income. When creating a budget, set aside cash for your debts. It is a must that you pay off all your debts first.

Three. Before spending your salary on any kind of expense, set aside something for your emergency fund. Once you have done that, discipline yourself on not sneakily getting cash from the emergency fund unless you have no one to turn to any more. The strategy is to get cash from the emergency fund only when the need arises.

Four. Be prompt in paying your bills. Get a reminder notebook where you will list all your monthly financial obligations. You can even use your smartphone to send you alerts when the deadline is approaching. Or better yet negotiate with your bank to manage your finances online by immediately automatically deducting funds from your bank account.

Five. Learn more about your credit score. If you have not checked you credit score for this month, it is about time you check it now. Knowing your credit standing is very important because it is one of the factors credit agencies check before approving a loan.

Erin-Car-Title-Loans-Broken-FinancesIf despite your best efforts to follow these strategies you still end up with emergency finances, avail yourself of an Erin car title loan. Car title loans are the best emergency cash solutions these days. They won’t take regard your credit rating or your employment status. Only one thing is important for an Erin car title loan approval and that is having a car that is not over 8 years old. The value of the loan that will be approved to you will depend solely on the equity of your vehicle. What makes Erin car title loans even better is that they won’t lead you to a debt trap. They have the easiest repayment plans among all credit financing solutions!